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COVID-19 Risk Assessment Framework and Template

Introduction and explanation

To comply with current Government requirements for re-opening businesses in the hospitality sector, this document has been developed to form a framework for hospitality businesses to use an industry-specific template to carry out an assessment of risk of COVID-19 in their business and determine the controls necessary to reduce risks to those who work in and enter the premises. It differs to a "normal" risk assessment because this is a unique situation. The hazard, (SARS-CoV-2) is the same throughout, and the risks depend on the activities at various stages of the customers' or workers' journey in the premises.

This document has been developed as a hybrid of HACCP and a Risk Assessment, taking a step by step approach, to demonstrate that the business has considered the routes people take through the business and the hazard and risks encountered by both customers and the staff at various steps to therefore give confidence to guests, staff and enforcement agencies that due consideration has been given to this serious issue. 

Whilst every business in hospitality is different, and there are many different sectors, there are two groups of people in common to consider:  those who work in the business (including staff, maintenance personnel and visitors) and the customers. Both groups will have 'journeys" through the premises. 

Tracing the routes that people will typically take, either to carry out their jobs or as customers, will help inform what risks from coronavirus are involved, and subsequently how to take action to reduce these risks. This can be plotted as a flow diagram. These process steps may then need to be adjusted and indeed reviewed, if it is found that the route or journey needs to be changed to ensure a safer environment, or if the legislation or government guidance changes.

This risk assessment document could form the basis of discussions with the local authority or Primary Authority prior to opening to ensure that there is agreement on the risk-based approach and controls set up. By setting concerns and control measures in a logical way this will give confidence to enforcement officers and customers that due consideration has been undertaken. 

Customers can be advised of actions taken to give confidence that the business has considered everyone's safety. This will also be useful to ensure that customers know what the new "rules" are so that everyone's expectations are managed in advance and that there is a reduced risk of any aggressive behaviour during their visit.

Note: in this time of uncertainty, Government Guidance may change, so it is important to always check to ensure that your document is kept reviewed in the light of any changes to Regulations or Guidance.

Whilst businesses will need to implement changes in relation to Covid-19, they must also continue to follow normal food safety and health and safety policies and procedures and ensure that any new controls do not in themselves cause conflict with those necessary for other legal or licensing requirements.

Living Document 

This is a living document that will be continuously edited and updated as understanding of the virus improves, government guidance changes and UKH members develop improved solutions.


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Information used in this document provided by 24/7 Workplace Safety Training, SMS Europe Ltd, Punch, NHS England, FSA, HSE, and GOV.UK