Needlestick and Other Sharps Injuries Awareness

This Needlestick and Sharps Injuries Awareness Course is designed to help employers to comply with the Sharps Regulations. The regulations require healthcare employers and contractors who work on premises that may require awareness of needle stick or other sharpes injuries to ensure their staff are provided with appropriate information and training. 

It is an easy to understand practical guide to avoiding needlestick and other sharps injuries, with advice on dealing with injuries. It is aimed at staff who work in areas where needles and sharps are used, such as healthcare, and also for staff in cleaning and maintenance roles who may encounter discarded needles. 

It can be used for staff inductions, training, refresher training and also provided to contractors or agency staff who come onto company premises to undertake work.

Topics include:

  • What are needlestick and sharps injuries? 
  • What is it important to know? 
  • Who is at risk of being injured? 
  • What causes needlestick and sharps injuries?
  • Disposal and handling of sharps
  • How to avoid injuries
  • Managing the risk of infection
  • How to take safety precautions
  • How to deal with an injury