This qualification is suitable for a learner who has responsibility in the workplace to undertake fire safety requirements and will provide learners with the knowledge to carry out designated duties as a Fire Warden/ Marshall. The qualification will also increase fire safety awareness for all employees.

The qualification covers fire hazards, risk assessment, control of fire in the workplace and duties of both employers and employees.

Qualification structure

This qualification is regulated in the UK and awarded by First Aid Awards. FAA are an Awarding Organisation regulated by Ofqual and SQA Accreditation. The qualification sits on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

Entry requirements

The qualification is available to learners aged 14 or over but a learner cannot assume a responsibility in the workplace until they reach the age of 16.

It is recommended that learners should have a minimum of Level 1 in literacy or equivalent to undertake this qualification.

It may be possible to allocate a reasonable adjustment to a learner who has a disability, medical condition or learning need; learners should

contact their training provider to discuss. Any reasonable adjustments granted must be in line with the FAA Reasonable Adjustments Policy. Qualification delivery

The qualification has 6 assigned guided learning hours (GLH) and 7 hours total qualification time (TQT). GLH indicates the number of classroom contact hours that the learner will undertake. TQT includes GLH but also takes into account any unsupervised learning and is an estimate of how long the average learner will take to complete the qualification.

The minimum classroom contact time of 6 hours should be delivered over a minimum of 1 day. The course can be spread over a maximum of 3 weeks, ensuring that each session is a minimum of two hours.

The class ratio for this qualification is a maximum of 16 learners to 1 Trainer/Assessor.


The qualification does not have an expiry date but refresher training and keeping up to date with changes to policies, procedures and new legislation through ongoing CPD is vital.


Learners who achieve this qualification may progress on to other health and safety qualifications. FAA also offer qualifications in first aid, food safety and safeguarding should learners wish to diversify.


The qualification is assessed by a written assessment.

A learner must successfully pass the written assessment to achieve the qualification. There is no grading of the assessment; learners pass or are referred.

The learner will complete a written assessment paper containing 20 open and multiple choice questions needing to achieve a minimum of 15 out of 20 to pass. The duration of the assessment is 30 minutes. An example question is 'On discovering a fire what is the first thing you should do?'

Course Fees £375.00


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