Pickled Herrings



Fresh herrings                                                          5

Small chillies                                                           10

Bay leaf                                                                   1

White peppercorns                                                   12

Onions                                                                     50 g

Allspice                                                                    6

White vinegar                                                           75 ml

Water                                                                       75 ml


  1. Scale, wash and fillet the herrings.
  2. Wash thoroughly in running water to bleach them.
  3. Drain and roll up each fillet with the skin on the outside enclosing a thin slice of onion and a chilli in each.
  4. Arrange the rolled fillets in a glass jar and in between the layers put thin slices of onion and the peppercorns and all spice.
  5. Cover with the white vinegar and water and add the bay leaf.
  6. Allow to pickle for 7 days in a refrigerator or cold room.
  7. For service slice the roll mop into three and arrange in an hors d’oeuvre dish with a little of the liquor.