Braised Fish with Ginger and Spring Onion



Fish fillets                                                                  1 kg

Shallots                                                                      50 g

Chillies                                                                        2

Spring onions                                                              50 g

Ginger root                                                                 50 g

Garlic                                                                         50 g

Rice wine                                                                   20 ml

Light soy sauce                                                           20 ml

Dark soy sauce                                                           10 ml

Sugar                                                                           5 g

Sesame oil                                                                 10 ml

Water                                                                       250ml


  1. Cut the fish fillets into portions. 
  2. Crush half of the ginger and garlic.  Slice the remainder of the ginger and the garlic and all of the shallots.
  3. Mix the crushed ginger and garlic and half of the shallots with the fish.  Rub the surface of a wok with sliced ginger.
  4. Heat the sesame oil in the wok and shallow fry the fish over low heat until both sides are a golden colour.  Add the sliced garlic and shallots and fry for 4 minutes.  Add the wine, water, sugar and soy sauces.
  5. Shred the spring onions and chillies.  Put the chillies and half the spring onions into the wok and simmer for 5 minutes. 
  6. Place the fish onto a warm serving dish and garnish with the remaining spring onions.



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