Cold Fillets of Fish Parisienne



Fish fillets                                                                10x100 g

Fish stock                                                                500 ml

Lemons                                                                   2

Fish aspic                                                                 500 ml

Russian salad                                                           800 g

Mayonnaise                                                             500 ml

Aspic jelly                                                                                1 ltr

Shrimp mousse                                                        300 g

Prawns                                                                     50 g

Asparagus tips                                                         1 tin




  1. Poach the fillets in well acidulated fish stock to keep them white.
  2. Remove them from the cooking liquor, place them on a cloth on a flat tray and press them lightly to ensure that they are quite flat.  Allow them to get cold.
  3. Trim the fillets to an even size in an elongated pear shape.
  4. Place them on a wire tray and decorate them with truffle or other suitable materials.

Glaze them with clear fish aspic.

  1. Arrange the Russian salad into a socle which should be bound together with mayonnaise and aspic jelly, in the shape of a fan.  This should slope slightly from the back to the point.  This must be done on the serving dish which should be chemised after the socle has been shaped.
  2. Place the decorated fillets on the socle and pipe a thin line of finely chopped aspic between the fillets and around the outside edges.
  3. Decorate with the moulded shrimp mousse and asparagus tips and croutons of jelly around the dish.




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